Does Bullying End after High School?

For some people, the childish cruelty often associated with high school cliques never really goes away. Research published in the journal Human Performance found that these juvenile mindsets, where attractive students are considered popular and unattractive kids are demeaned and bullied, often carries over into the workplace.

The study of 114 employees at a health care facility found that some employees mistreat their less attractive co-workers, saying hurtful things, acting rudely, and otherwise poking fun at them. It also found that employees who are considered attractive get more promotions and are given more prestigious projects to handle. The less attractive are assigned more menial tasks.

Good looks and bad behavior:

  • This ongoing immaturity was documented by researchers from the University of Notre Dame and Michigan State University. They found that physical attractiveness determined how a person is treated at work.
  • Previous research has postulated that attractive people tend to be more self-confident and have higher self-esteem in the business world. They are also perceived as more intelligent and having high moral qualities.
  • "Given that physical attractiveness is not a bonafide occupational qualification for most jobs, our new findings are problematic for society," explained researcher Timothy Judge.
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Discussion Comments


Are bullies insecure individuals, period? Because many were ridiculed, demeaned, and even bullied themselves when younger. So they do the bullying (look tough) in order to want to hide this weakness?

If only the more attractive ones get promoted, are the ones who do the promoting insecure individuals themselves, not assessing based on ability as well? What is the ultimate fear inside these individuals?

Yes, looks play heavy on the human mind, psyche easy, resulting in bias. But it's an ugly fact of being human.

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