How Often Did President Bill Clinton Send E-Mails?

While speaking at a Wired for Change technology conference in 2011, President Bill Clinton confessed that he sent only two e-mails during his entire presidency. One e-mail was to the United States troops in the Adriatic, and the other was to John Glenn for his 77th birthday, while he was in orbit around the Earth on the shuttle Discovery. E-mail has been a relatively common form of communication since the early 1990's (the term "e-mail" being coined around 1993). President Clinton was in office from 1993 to 2001 and the staff of the White House sent around 40 million emails during this time. These e-mails have been archived in the Bill Clinton memorial library, along with the two emails sent by President Clinton himself during the same period.

More about President Clinton:

  • The laptop that was used by President Clinton to send an email to space was sold at auction in 2014 for around $60,000
  • When elected, President Clinton was 46 years old, making him the third youngest US president.
  • Born William Jefferson Blythe III in 1946, President Clinton legally adopted his step-father's surname in 1961.
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