How Pampered Is Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England and Head of the Commonwealth, has a large staff dedicated to ensuring she is comfortable and dignified in public. She has a staff of “dressers”, including at least two designers. Her dressers keep a spreadsheet ensuring she never wears the same outfit twice and someone in her employ breaks in her shoes before she wears them.

The Queen attends an average of 430 events every year, so her shoes need to be comfortable. In total, Buckingham Palace employs about 1200 people. Queen Elizabeth has been the longest-lived British monarch since turning 81 in 2007. In 2015, she will become the longest-reigning British monarch, passing Queen Victoria who reined for almost 64 years.

More about Queen Elizabeth II:

  • As of 2015, there have been 15 different US presidents during the Queen's lifetime.
  • Queen Elizabeth is easily the most well-traveled British monarch in history and has officially visited 129 different countries during her reign.
  • The Queen has been given numerous unusual gifts over the years, including beavers from Canada, giant turtles from the Seychelles and sloths from Brazil.

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This article omitted the position 'the groom of the stool.' This is a servant of the queen who literally wipes her butt!

Just look up 'groom of the stool' online.

Yes she's too important to wipe her own butt. This job is given to an appointed 'Lord', and it's a great privilege.

Please help us English people. Many know the truth, but others are under a trance. We are still enslaved!


Whether or not the UK retains its monarchy and royal family is its decision alone to make.

However, it makes no sense for countries within its "empire" to retain a "constitutional monarchy". We are grown up enough to elect our own "head of state".

It makes even less sense for a sovereign nation such as Canada to force newcomers to swear allegiance to the UK's monarch as a precondition to becoming a Canadian citizens. Its oath of citizenship should be "to Canada". Australia has already taken this step, and "her nibs" does not appear to have suffered any lasting effects.


No way. It serves its purpose well. The nation gains more than it pays for monarchy.


Now, here is a prime example on how to waste taxpayer money. This monarchy thing is way past its prime and needs to be scrapped.


Disgraceful in a world with starving people. What did she accomplish during her life to deserve being treated like some kind of goddess who is superior to other humans?

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