Is It Normal to Be in a Bad Mood?

A 2018 online poll of 2,000 Americans commissioned by the exercise and nutrition app Freeletics sought to learn about events that lead to someone having a "bad day." The poll determined that 67 percent of participants said that not getting enough sleep is the leading catalyst for having a bad day. Other events that lead to a bad day, the poll found, included work-related stress, having a bad hair day, feeling ill, and financial troubles. Participants also estimated that they had an average of 60 bad days a year.

Wake up to a better day:

  • Health experts have long determined that a lack of sleep can affect memory response, stress hormone levels, appetite, and cognitive functioning, among other deficiencies that can mess up one's day.
  • The online poll also found that 46 percent of the respondents said they work out two or three times a week, and that exercise helps them decompress from life’s usual daily challenges.
  • The results of the poll, conducted by the market research firm OnePoll, did not include details about its methodology.
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