What Are the Effects of Long Distance Commutes?

Studies of the effects of long distance commutes have found that workers who have long commuting times are more likely to have negative mental, physical and social issues. For example, research suggests that commuters who travel 45 minutes to work are 40% more likely to separate or divorce than non-commuters are. Long-distance commutes might also contribute to health problems, with one-third of all people who commute 90 minutes reporting neck or back problems. Commuters also are more likely to be obese, possibly because of having less time to exercise and prepare meals, and they have higher rates of stress.

More about commuting:

  • Americans commute an average of 24 minutes each way to work.
  • Researchers have found that for every hour spent commuting, it requires a 40% salary increase to make up for the additional transportation and housing costs.
  • It is estimated that the average American commuter spends about 47 hours per year sitting in rush-hour traffic.
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