What Happens to People after a “God Encounter”?

It is said that there are no atheists in foxholes, but it might also be true that very few atheists remain that way after a personal encounter with "ultimate reality," or God. According to recent research conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, more than two-thirds of atheists who have had such experiences -- whether spontaneously or induced by psychedelic substances -- change their opinion about the existence of a creator. In addition, most of the study participants, regardless of their original religious beliefs, said that they experienced long-lasting psychological benefits after their encounter with the divine. Such positive effects include finding purpose in life and being happy. The findings were based on data collected from 4,285 people from all over the world, although most of the respondents were white men. Information was collected via two 50-minute online surveys that asked for details about the encounter, which could have been with a "higher power," including God, or with a divine emissary, such as an angel. While the researchers concluded that such encounters usually led to long-term mental health benefits, they also warned that because the survey relied on self-reporting, there could be bias and inaccuracy in the findings.

The basics of non-belief:

  • According to the Pew Research Center, 4 percent of American adults identify as atheists, and 5 percent consider themselves agnostic.
  • Western Europe has a relatively high percentage of atheists, including the Czech Republic, in which 25 percent of adults say they do not believe in God.
  • In some countries, atheism is illegal and can be punished by death, including in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and several other nations.
More Info: Johns Hopkins Medicine

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While I do not support organized religions I do believe in a divine, higher power. This was an encouraging article.


I’m 86 white male. I had two experiences at ages approx 18 & mid 20s. No alcohol or drugs were involved, nor overly tired. It was normal day. Each experience was a feeling of perfect silence - a feeling there was nothing and complete silence. There was nothing!! Absolute silence and just nothing. That is the best I can describe it. I never told anyone. It left me with the feeling there is absolutely nothing.

Interpreting- maybe it had something to do with creation, too. It indicated a sense of complete calmness that is possible to achieve. Overall, it left a feeling I needed an explanation. It has not been life changing - only that there is something there of peace and contentment. I only wish I could understand it. It is very strange to me.


I can be counted among those who this article refers to. I never realized spiritual faith could be referred to as "ultimate reality", but to those of us who have had the experience, there is no doubt of the reality of an intelligent designed Universe.

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