What Were Albert Einstein's Final Words?

Although Albert Einstein uttered a few words just before his death, those words have been lost forever. He spoke the words in his native German. His nurse, who was American, did not know German and assumed that he was simply making incoherent sounds. At the time of his death, Einstein left behind a note that ended in an unfinished sentence.

More facts about Albert Einstein:

  • Concerns about attempts to steal from Einstein’s grave led the executors of his estate to cremate his remains and scatter them in an undisclosed location. His brain was preserved in an attempt to understand whether any irregularities in brain structure were contributing factors to his genius.

  • Along with Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, he also came up with the theory of the photoelectric effect, a contribution that won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

  • There is some debate over whether Einstein had agreed to the preservation of his brain. Some sources indicate that he wanted his brain preserved for scientific experimentation, but others claim that he never made any specific statement to that effect. What is known is that his son agreed to the preservation after the brain was removed just before the cremation of the body.

More Info: www.nobelprize.org

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He got to the USA by using an E=MC2 Jet balloon (sometimes known as a "Tsitsis".

His last words were, "Oy gevalt, mein tuchis ist kalt."


What was the unfinished sentence on the note?


I think I saw his last words on another page. I can't remember the site, but it was something to do with his daughter or sister.


I think Albert Einstein is a genius.


@safalvvm: In all probability he used one of his theories to get him there, (theory of relativity).


I wish they knew so some people can translate.


I think all the nurses should have a voice recorder to record the last words for people.


How did he get to the USA?

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