Which Classic Film Star Never Won an Academy Award for a Role?

Cary Grant was nominated for two of his leading performances, but the classic film star never won an Academy Award for a role from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He was mainly known for his comedic performances, but his Academy Award nominations were for two of his dramatic roles: 1941’s Penny Serenade and 1944’s None but the Lonely Heart. Six of Grant’s other films were nominated for Best Picture, but none received the award. Grant was, however, officially recognized with an Honorary Academy Award in 1970 for his lifetime career achievements and contribution to the film industry.

More about Cary Grant:

  • When Grant came to Hollywood from Britain in 1931, Paramount Studios had him change his real name: Archie Leach.
  • Grant was the first Hollywood actor to negotiate to receive a percentage of his film’s box office profits, as well as the first actor to take control of his career and not be legally tied to one studio.
  • At the age of 13, Grant ran away from his Bristol, England home and became a juggler.

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Wow,unbelievable stats and facts -- great post! I think it's really a key to something possibly, that was the first Hollywood actor to negotiate to receive a percentage in profit/not "studio" owned talent not legally bound! So?

Wonder if those facts had any play with him not getting at least- the 'proverbial year after he should have won' best actor award. Were others in the Academy body upset by that, or just getting more parts to get nominated, by studios determining that? *Good to research!*

What about the "Bad Boy of Hollywood"? Did actors still get snubbed often with the applied unwanted reputation back then, also? But film was so new, right? This one tickles the brain cells.

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