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Who is Christie Brinkley?

Christie Brinkley is a timeless icon, renowned for her prolific career as a supermodel and her vibrant presence in the entertainment industry. With a career spanning over four decades, she's graced over 500 magazine covers and excelled as an actress, entrepreneur, and author. Discover how Brinkley's enduring charm continues to captivate hearts. What's the secret to her lasting appeal? Join us to uncover her story.
Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Christie Brinkley is one of the most easily-recognizable American supermodels. A blue-eyed blonde known for her flawless looking skin, Brinkley has 30 years experience as a Ford model. She has the distinction of being the first model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated three years in a row. Christie Brinkley is also well known for her long-lasting contract with Cover Girl cosmetics.

Born Christie Lee Hudson on 2 February, 1954 in Detroit, Michigan, Christie was discovered as a model at age 18 in Paris, France. She was studying art in Paris at the time, and speaks fluent French. Brinkley received the Cover Girl modeling contract, her first contract as a model, in 1976 at the age of 22. This turned out to be the longest running contract in the history of modelling and Christie helped the Cover Girl cosmetics brand become a success.

Christie Brinkley is from Detroit, Michigan.
Christie Brinkley is from Detroit, Michigan.

Christie Brinkley has appeared in ads for many products such as Max Factor, Diet Coke, MasterCard, Chanel No 19, Noxema and Vogue Patterns. She was featured on more than 500 magazine covers during her career. Christie also appeared in several films such as 1983's National Lampoon's Vacation and the sequel, Vegas Vacation. Her television credits include the sitcom Mad About You. In 1992, Christie wrote and hosted her own show on CNN called Living in the 90s with Christie Brinkley.

Christie has three children -- one from each of her three marriages. She has appeared in several music videos including those of her ex husband, popular musician Billy Joel. Christie Brinkley is known for her charity work and was given a humanitarian award by The March of Dimes. Other organizations Christie has voluteered with include The Make a Wish Foundation and Standing for the Truth About Radiation (STAR).

Fitness is an area of interest of Christie's and she is the author of The New York Times Bestseller, Christie Brinkley's Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Guide. She also launched a successful brand of eyewear called Christie Brinkley Perspectives. Now in her 50s, Christie continues to appear on magazine covers and pursue her other interests. People Magazine selected Christie Brinkley as one of their 100 Most Beautiful People.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Christie Brinkley and why is she famous?

Christie Brinkley is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur who gained fame in the late 1970s as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model. She appeared on the cover for three consecutive years from 1979 to 1981, which was unprecedented at the time. Brinkley's all-American looks and charismatic presence also led to a successful career in television, film, and on Broadway. Additionally, she has been a spokesperson for various brands and has launched her own beauty products.

What are some of Christie Brinkley's notable career achievements?

Christie Brinkley's career achievements extend beyond her modeling success. She has been featured on over 500 magazine covers, including Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Harper's Bazaar. Brinkley has also been a face of CoverGirl for 25 years, one of the longest-running cosmetics contracts in history. Her acting credits include a role in "National Lampoon's Vacation" and its sequel, and she has appeared on Broadway as Roxie Hart in "Chicago." Brinkley is also an accomplished photographer and writer, having published her own book, "Christie Brinkley's Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book."

How has Christie Brinkley impacted the fashion and beauty industry?

Christie Brinkley has had a significant impact on the fashion and beauty industry by embodying the image of health and vitality, which has inspired many women to embrace a more natural and active lifestyle. Her long-standing contract with CoverGirl helped to redefine beauty standards, promoting a more relatable and wholesome beauty ideal. Brinkley's entrepreneurial ventures in the beauty sector, including her skincare line, have also contributed to the industry by focusing on anti-aging products and promoting wellness.

What philanthropic work is Christie Brinkley known for?

Christie Brinkley is known for her philanthropic efforts, particularly in the areas of environmental conservation, animal rights, and humanitarian causes. She has been involved with organizations such as UNICEF, the American Heart Association, and PETA. Brinkley's commitment to the environment is evident through her work with the South Fork Natural History Museum and her advocacy for clean energy, which includes her personal investment in solar power for her homes.

How has Christie Brinkley maintained her public image over the years?

Christie Brinkley has maintained her public image over the years by diversifying her career and staying relevant through various entertainment and business endeavors. Her dedication to health and fitness, along with her advocacy for a positive lifestyle, has kept her in the public eye as a role model. Brinkley's transparency about using non-invasive surgical treatments to maintain her appearance has also garnered respect for her honesty in an industry often criticized for its unrealistic beauty standards.

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According to the Christie Brinkley bio, she has been in a couple of bad accidents. She was injured in a helicopter crash in 1994 and was also badly injured in a skiing accident in 2007. Regarding her first accident, Christie was quoted as saying, “I have this helicopter crash, and I fall in love with this man who was in the crash with me. I must have been suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

Although Christie married Billy Joel were married on March 23 of 1985, they were having complications in their marriage. They announced their separation in 1993 after Christie began seeing Rick Taubman. She and Taubman were in the helicopter crash together and he later became Christie Brinkley's husband.


Wasn't Christie Brinkley in some kind of accident a few years ago?

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    • Christie Brinkley is from Detroit, Michigan.
      By: Floki Fotos
      Christie Brinkley is from Detroit, Michigan.