Who Were the Voice Actors for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse?

The original voice actor for Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney himself from 1928-1947, before the duty was passed on to Disney sound effects employee Jimmy MacDonald because years of smoking had affected Walt Disney‘s voice. In 1976, Wayne Allwine began voicing the character. The first voice of Minnie Mouse was Marcellite Garner, a female employee of Disney Studio’s Ink and Paint Department, followed by various female employees of the department throughout the years until 1986. That year, female voice actor Russi Taylor began voicing Minnie Mouse alongside Allwine’s Mickey Mouse. In 1991, the voice actors were married until Allwine’s death in 2009.

More about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse:

  • Mickey Mouse made his first sound appearance in the 1928 cartoon short “Steamboat Willie” but didn’t actually speak words until the 1929 short “Karnival Kid.”
  • Minnie Mouse made her first appearance as a barmaid and Argentine dancer in 1928’s “The Gallopin' Gaucho,” in which she was first introduced to Mickey Mouse.
  • Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse as a replacement for one of his first cartoon characters, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
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