Who Works More: People from Northern or Mediterranean Countries?

Greece may seem like a laid-back country, but the Grecian people actually work more than any other people in the world, with the exception of Korea. The average work week in Greece is 42.4 hours — in Korea it's 45.12 hours. Compared to Northern countries, the Mediterranean countries work several hours per week more. While Germany has a reputation for hard work, its work week averages 35.5 hours and in the U.S. it's 35.8 hours.

More It's Off To Work We Go Facts:

  • Finland has the most paid time off, with an average of 44 days off per year, counting vacation and holiday time. The U.S. average is 25 paid days off.

  • The countries with the least amount of paid time off are the Philippines and Thailand, with 19 days off, closely followed by Canada with 20 paid days off.

  • Not surprisingly, men worked more hours on average than women, but in some countries the averages were close. The countries in which women work the most hours are the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and the Slovak Republic where the average work week for women was more than 39 hours.

More Info: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

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