What Is Generation Y?

Generation Y is a demographic in the US born between the mid-1970s to 2000. Also called echo boomers, Generation Y children often...

Tricia Christensen
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An autobiography details an individual's life, as recounted by that individual. People

What is an Autobiography?

An autobiography is the self-authored story of a person's life. Though often confused with a memoir, an autobiography typically...

Devon Pryor

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Sigmund Freud. People

Who Was Sigmund Freud?

Sigmund Freud was a psychoanalyst best known for his theory of the unconscious. In Freudian thought, the mind that people are...

Katharine Swan
Members of the nouveau riche often struggle for social acceptance with those who have had the benefit of generations of wealth. People

Who are the Nouveau Riche?

The nouveau riche are people who have recently acquired large amounts of money. They are compared to those with old money, who...

Mary McMahon
Plato's philosophical Theory of Forms had profound impact upon Christianity. People

Who is Plato?

Plato is a philosopher and scholar who lived in ancient Greece. Plato's Theory of Forms had a strong influence on...

Sheri Cyprus
Barsexuals may be overly flirtatious in public. People

What is a Barsexual?

A barsexual is a woman who kisses or flirts with other women only in bars and other public settings. Though a barsexual may act...

Mary McMahon

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Winston Churchill was a self-described optimist. People

What is an Optimist?

An optimist is a person who engages in positive thinking and believes that things will work out in the end, regardless of how a...

Sheri Cyprus
Modern hipsters are considered somewhat inauthentic. People

What is a Hipster?

A hipster is a person who follows a counterculture focused around certain types of music, ironically using mainstream things, and...

Tricia Christensen
Yuppies commonly partner with other yuppies and are known for their expensive tastes. People

What are Yuppies?

Yuppies are young professionals who typically live in urban or suburban areas. The main characteristics of yuppies include a...

Mary McMahon
A morning person feels energized upon waking from a night's rest. People

What is a Morning Person?

A morning person is someone who feels best in the hours before noon. Though there are advantages to being a morning person, they...

Michael Pollick

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