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How did Marilyn Monroe Die?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, died on August 4, 1962 from an acute overdose of barbiturates, a fact that experts do not dispute. What is not clear, however, is whether she took those drugs intentionally, by mistake or under force. Dozens of theories pose different variations on these themes of suicide, accidental overdose and murder. Exactly what happened on the night of her death remains a mystery to this day.


Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe.

Officially, the cause of death for Marilyn Monroe is listed as a "probable suicide," and a convincing argument can be made that she did in fact take her own life. Her biological father, whose identity remains unknown, was not present for her as a child, and her mother was reportedly abusive and mentally unstable. She spent nearly all of her childhood and early adolescence in foster homes as a result, after which she into an arranged marriage of convenience to her neighbor, James Dougherty, at only 16 years old. This marriage, along with two others to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, ended in divorce, and she was rumored to have been involved in numerous scandalous affairs in a quest for happiness throughout her life. Allegedly, she had attempted suicide several times during the 1940s and 1950s, incidents which were largely kept out of the press by studio publicists.

Marily Monroe had three marriages that ended in divorce, including one with Joe DiMaggio.
Marily Monroe had three marriages that ended in divorce, including one with Joe DiMaggio.

By 1962, her monumental career was said to be slipping away. The studio which had promoted her in the past, 20th Century Fox, now considered her to be a liability. Her last movies were not commercially successful, and her behavior on the set of her unfinished film Something's Got to Give had become very erratic. She became dependent on various substances, including alcohol, to cope with her past, chronic stage fright and the pressure of fame, and she spent some time in a psychiatric hospital in 1961.

Marilyn became dependent on alcohol.
Marilyn became dependent on alcohol.

In this context, Monroe had access to large quantities of Nembutal, a barbiturate she often used (or abused) to help her sleep. She also had a prescription for another less-addictive sleep aid, chloral hydrate. The idea that she committed suicide by ingesting an overdose of Nembutal and chloral hydrate could be seen as an unfortunate end to a very troubled life.

Accidental Drug Interaction

Marilyn Monroe died from a drug overdose.
Marilyn Monroe died from a drug overdose.

According to one line of thought, Marilyn Monroe's death was the result of an accidental drug interaction, caused primarily by a lack of communication between her personal physician, Dr. Hyman Engelberg, and her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson. By 1962, the actress had developed a clear addiction to Nembutal, but she agreed to let Greenson wean her off the medication by switching to chloral hydrate. Some people think that she secretly continued taking Nembutal, and Engelberg had provided a refill only days before her death. Neither doctor was apparently aware of the other's actions concerning her addiction, and when she took both medications at the same time, a fatal drug interaction supposedly occurred.


Marilyn was rumored to have had an affair with Robert Kennedy.
Marilyn was rumored to have had an affair with Robert Kennedy.

A third theory suggests that an individual or group of conspirators murdered Monroe to guarantee her silence. Through a mutual friend, she met President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, and rumors of sexual affairs with both men ran rampant through the tabloids. Some individuals who have studied the circumstances surrounding the actress' death believe she was killed so that John and Robert could escape further scandal and keep their reputations and careers intact. Additionally, she reportedly had talked with the President about political matters, so another possibility is that the brothers, under Robert's lead, authorized her murder because of the risk she posed to national security — a neighbor who lived next to her bungalow testified that she saw Robert Kennedy and two other men enter the house the night of Monroe's death around 7:00 p.m., and one man was said to be carrying a black medical bag. The apparent connections between the Kennedys, Sam Giancana and the mafia also have led to speculation that she was killed to send a message to the First Family.

Problems With the Theories

Marilyn Monroe was rumored to have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy.
Marilyn Monroe was rumored to have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy.

The suicide theory has a major flaw in that the degree of digestion of the Nembutal in Monroe's system suggested that she had been alive at least for a few hours after taking a dose. Similarly, the chloral hydrate was already concentrated in the liver rather than the blood, further suggesting that she had taken the medication earlier in the day. Although the physical evidence suggested she died quickly, no drugs were found in her stomach, and no drinking glasses were found at the scene that might have helped her take pills. Physical examinations revealed no injection marks, leaving only the possibility of additional later doses administered rectally, but experts believe it is unlikely that she could have taken treatment in this way without help. Reports also indicate that her body was clearly moved.

The accidental overdose idea does not explain the claims that Robert Kennedy and additional men were seen on Monroe's property. It also doesn't provide a reason as to why virtually everyone involved changed the story they related to police at some point. The loss or destruction of much of the evidence or paperwork related to the case is also suspicious. The murder line of reasoning is questionable, however, because an ambulance reportedly was dispatched.


The fact that some degree of cover-up was involved in Monroe's death is clear, but why officials attempted to blur the truth is the real mystery. If she committed suicide, they might have changed their stories and influenced records to make her seem more mentally stable and protect her from additional stigma, or to try to make her image more immortal, just as it has become, with an alluring air of uncertainty. With an accidental overdose, the secrecy surrounding her death may have been an effort to protect the reputations of her doctors, who failed to coordinate their efforts for care. The concept of a seductive woman betrayed by government leaders or "taken out" by the mafia is worthy of Hollywood, indeed, but if it happened to Monroe in real life, keeping it quiet would have kept an untold number of career and political plans possible. Whether or not her death was self-inflicted, accidental or a criminal act, it was a tragic end to a Hollywood icon's fascinating life.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular PublicPeople contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular PublicPeople contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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I believe she had a lot of emotional problems stemming from her past and from her mother's own illness. I also wouldn't go reading books by murder theorists like ''Slatzer or Spoto.'' These are just proven liars and really had no business writing about this legend?

Stick with the facts by close friends of MM who were in her company most days who had reported MM having serious emotional problems, her recent failed marriage and then being fired from her last movie because Fox was just fed up with her absence on the film that was costing them lots of money. She was unable to kick her drug addiction to her prescribed meds which was the last thing found in her bloodstream? And no, it was not done by an enema -- another silly theory without any proven evidence to back it up.


This was helpful for my research--very clear. Thanks.


Marilyn was and is still is the most beautiful woman in the world. Just look at her pictures. Even after 50 years they look modern and cool. It's unfortunate that she died young but if she hadn't she would not be the icon she has been all this years. She wanted fame and it was granted to her, by God or the Devil. Only she knows.


The fascist forces within the government (CIA, FBI) along with the Mafia orchestrated the murders of both Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen. They killed Monroe because she knew about the details of the bizarre John F. Kennedy murder plan and Dorothy Kilgallen because she identified the forces behind JFK's assassination.

Marilyn was killed by the Chicago mob with the poisonous suppository supplied by the fascist forces. While many theories, like suicide, accidental overdose, etc. relating to Monroe's death have been proposed, none of them have been confirmed or verified, nor are they consistent with the detailed analysis of her autopsy results. However, the theory proposed by the mob did agree with the autopsy results. The science does not lie. Hence the fact that Monroe was murdered is beyond beyond any doubt. The mobsters killed Monroe immediately after Robert Kennedy left her residence and before her housekeeper returned from the neighbor's house about 10:30 that night. The Kennedys were not responsible for Monroe's murder.

While it is now established that Robert Kennedy (RFK) was at Marilyn's residence just few minutes before she was murdered, it also indicated that Kennedy did not murder Monroe. The then-police chief William Parker also allowed RFK to stage the murder as a suicide because he was also satisfied that RFK was not involved in the murder. RFK was at her residence to obtain possession of some confidential documents required by JFK, not her so-called “red diary,” containing the record of secret state matters.

While the possibility of only casual sexual encounters (and that too is without any supporting evidence) cannot be ruled out, there were no love affairs between JFK and Marilyn, and Monroe never desired to become the First Lady. The relationship between RFK and Monroe was only platonic and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and some senior CIA officers had also concluded there was no love affair between them. The reason for killing Monroe immediately after RFK left her residence was to implicate him in Monroe's murder and ensure the fall of JFK's administration. However, RFK staged Monroe's murder as a suicide and the government did not fall. Ultimately, this led to a massacre killing JFK, RFK, Dorothy Kilgallen and dozens of witnesses/participants in JFK and Monroe's murders. The fascist forces killed even the shooters involved in JFK's assassination and the mafia bosses (e.g., Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli) and others who were witness to JFK's assassination.

After Monroe's murder, as per their popular tactic, the fascist forces initiated Monroe's and JFK’s character assassination regarding their characters, habits and relationships. The money hungry and greedy people like Robert Slatzer and Jean Carmen further promoted this character assassination of Monroe by fabricating false documents and photos linking Monroe with JFK. The fascist forces had fabricated almost 300 such fake documents to establish fake relationship between JFK and Monroe.

False stories were also fabricated regarding Monroe's character, her relationships, the red diary of secrets, holding a press conference to declare her love affairs, etc to divert public attention from the truth.

It is a pity that even today, people believe in such false stories without verifying them, based on authentic bios, records and documents.


Honestly I just watched the movie "My Week With Marilyn" and she did not seem happy with her life. She did take a lot of pills, so maybe she really did OD but no one will ever know what really happened. There's many stories about her death.

I think she was a beautiful women who wanted to be happy and wanted someone to love her for who she really was, although she could never find it. She must have really been going through some things if she killed herself, but it's even sadder if she got murdered. She will always be one of Hollywood's remembered actors. Rest easy Miss beautiful Monroe.


It's best to let the dead rest in peace. She was beautiful and just leave it at that. RIP poor Marilyn.


I really think that all three cases should be reopened and searched into deeper. Who knows what they could find, with all the new technology nowadays?


Why would someone so pretty want to kill herself? Something must have been really getting to her. She must have let her emotions get to her.


How about no one in this era was there and knew what happened!! Monroe was a strong independent woman, had her fair share of fame, and was a full figured woman who held herself well. Leave her be and let her rest. No one's perfect!


A friend of mine rented an apartment in Santa Monica. The woman who previously rented the apartment was Marilyn Monroe's housekeeper. She was leaving for a convalescent home.

My friend received a letter from England addressed to the housekeeper. She opened the letter.

It was a request from the sender to go public with what really happened to Marilyn.

My friend kept the letter.


JFK messed around with Monroe once, or at maximum, twice. But there never was a love affair. People who claim one say that because they think that Monroe was in love with him and wanted to be treated as more than a prostitute. There is no confirmed evidence that this actually was the case. It could merely be Hollywood gossip to sell.

JFK certainly was not going to be with any women he was sleeping around with. Robert Kennedy covered his brother's scandals to protect him from impeachment and to make his second term possible. He advised his brother not to be indulgent, but JFK made a mistake of assuming that he was the beloved president, and nothing could harm him.

Robert himself was a religious person, who did not smoke much and drank socially only. He was deeply in love with Ethel and was a devout husband. There is no evidence of him doing the same as JFK. Edgar Hoover threatened RFK into doing many things, like wiretapping Dr. King's phones, saying he would make public his brothers sexual habits. Forced under blackmail, RFK allowed wiretap on Dr. King only for a month due to Hoover's claims of Dr. King dealing with the communists, which Hoover extended on his own without RFK's consent. That was Hoover's only weapon: threaten people with their personal habits and of having communist connections.

Hoover wanted same dirt on RFK, but never got anything. The only source that says RFK was at Monroe's the night she died is that of FBI intelligence. It might sound reliable coming from the FBI, but just like many other reports that were made falsely at the time for disinformation, this report is also false and meant to smear RFK's image and career. RFK was with his family at his friend's house for a vacation when Monroe died.

Once, a woman called Ethel in the middle of the night saying that her marriage was over and that RFK was sleeping with her. Ethel got angry and shouted to the woman never to call her house again and that Robert was sleeping right next to her (Ethel's) in bed.

Hence, if one checks on these facts, and chooses not to believe in fantasies and gossips, one would know for sure what RFK did and how much JFK was involved.


I wish everyone would just let the departed rest in peace but I guess we all live in a world of gossip now and no one will ever know the truth except her and the supplier/killer.


The flaw in the Kennedy murder scenario is that both JFK's and Robert Kennedy's whereabouts at the time of her death are undeniably confirmed; both were far away from her.


Those Kennedys might have had a hand in her death. If they did then they are so selfish. They used this woman then they were afraid that they would get caught with their pants down so to speak so they had to "plug up" a potentially scandalous "leak". It's like they had their way with her and then got rid of her.


Great article. I am doing a research project on her at school and this has been really helpful!


i hope this is true but i really look up her to her and she was wonderful. people just make up lies but she was a great person inside and out to even thought she took her own life. Rest in peace.


Three mysteries have fascinated me throughout my lifetime. The Black Dahlia murder in L.A. circa 1947, Marilyn Monroe’s death in 1962, and the assassinations of both JFK and Robert Kennedy, has held many of us spell bound. There are many more mysteries of course but these signified the end of an era.

The Black Dahlia signified the end of the war era and the beginning of the cold war. The world lost its innocence of purpose. Marilyn's death signified the end of Hollywood's era of starlets and star status of a bygone era. The Hollywood as Babylon died with her. The death of the Kennedy brothers was the death of the American Camelot. Each of these deaths tore away our innocence and hope. Not wanting to let go, to admit we were no better than we had been for centuries, we try to hang on to them with conspiracy theories, and of course the mystery.

Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jean, will be remembered for a very long time. She has her ultimate stardom: immortality. Rest in peace.


that's funny someone said she got shot. It's known she had a thing with the president. What no one really talked about was what she knew: jfk told her a lot, and a lot about mob connections he had. when jfk tried to cut off the affair, she threatened to go public with her knowings.

everyone knew about her drug problems, and to the president she was seen as a loose cannon. Isn't it kind of ironic that she supposedly had an enema of drugs before she died? and isn't it kind of funny that people from the kennedy administration were seen at her house the night of her death? That night her diary went missing, it is no coincidence. look it up. I've read up on this and where i got most of this was from a first hand account, someone close to her third husband, Joe DiMaggio, retired baseball player from new york. real stuff.


thank you for this article. the people i have been debating with over her death have now been settled. it has helped a lot.


She actually got murdered because some guy got jealous and shot her. I know it sounds weird, but it's true.


It is possible that she died from a drug overdose, but it's not what i believe. I think she was murdered. She had just had an affair with the kennedy brothers and had threatened to tell the press, They knew she would so they had to get rid of her! The paramedic arrived at the site and Marilyn was still alive, They left her in her house until she died then took her to hospital, pretending they didn't know if she was still alive. I don't know exactly how the killed her but i do know that they covered her in cocaine and made it seem like she had, had an overdose. If you think about Marilyn's Murder and JFK's Murder the are both related, The both had something to do with the government. JFK didn't want to go to war but the government did. Bye, Bye Kennedy!

I hope you see my point of view, and possibly agree.


i don't believe she died due to OD because nothing was found in her system. I think that her affairs were becoming a liability for the presidency and mobsters to handle, so they did away with her. Also notice the sketchiness of the Jimmy Hoffa case. He heard tapes with her on them. Interesting.


I've never really known much about Marilyn Monroe. Great article, though.

Just because she was beautiful and famous, people think she had a wonderful life. But fame and looks are certainly not everything. Appearances can be deceiving. Just because a person walks around with a smile on their face doesn't mean they are truly happy inside.

And also, everyone has their faults, even celebrities. It must be hard to cope with having all your flaws exposed to the world. RIP Marilyn.


Marilyn Monroe was a wonderful and beautiful woman, the fact that her death is mysterious is wrong. i think that Robert killed her!


I think Marilyn Monroe is creepy and a horrible role model! Great article though.


i love Marilyn Monroe. why did she have to die? i was not alive at that time but my mom told me about her and i like her now. she was a great woman. i can see that in her pics and her eyes. R.I.P., Marilyn. i love you. you are in god's hands.


i think she was very talented and it is very sad that she died and really John F. Kennedy is not a murderer. really i think she died just because of the overdose!


Marilyn Monroe, a great role model? Seriously? From just reading this article, it explains she was addicted to pills, had affairs, attempted suicide several times, and people wanted to kill her! Oh, and lived to be 36 years old!


I loved this story and I think that if you put all the stories together, it goes like this, marilyn monroe tried to suicide because of all the rumors but failed over and over and over again and all of the fame and fortune that marilyn monroe was getting. bobby kennedy killed her.


I really liked that article. It's nice to know all the sides of the story, and all possibilities. I love the way he stays objective. Doesn't show his thoughts.


i really liked that article. it was very interesting. great job.


I think Bobby Kennedy murdered her. She was too on top so she shouldn't have killed herself.


it's so tragic to hear how the most beautiful woman in the world could die this most mysteriously. I was so appalled to hear about this. I personally think she was murdered by Robert Kennedy because, if you read about it, it is really obvious he probably committed this murder or crime. May Marilyn Monroe rest in peace. RIP


I believe this article was done in good taste. It gave the reader both scenarios and options to what had happened to her.

I also believe that Marilyn Monroe was one of our timeless beauties of old Hollywood. She mirrored class, beauty, and talent. Who can pull off such grace playing a sort of airhead type of individual.

Like the rest of us, we all have demons, and she was no different except hers were more visible because of her notoriety. God bless her.


Basically she was getting older and was to become a has been. and she was never really happy. she must have had problems which people couldn't understand or solve. so she ended her life.


Is it so hard to believe that a beautiful woman felt trapped? People expected so much from her -- she had to be perfect. People told her all the time that they loved her but did they, really?

The mind can play many tricks on you and she was no different.

She's my hero because she became great from nothing and no matter what, she showed us that she was still human. RIP Norma Jean, even those who never knew you respect you. God have mercy on this broken angel.


actually she was pregnant and the culprit was robert kennedy. the night she died mr. kennedy and his two friends entered the house and forcefully they stuffed sleeping pills into her rectum. when they confirmed her death they moved out of the house, slowly but happily.

she was the most beautiful and charming woman ever however even she had to be a target of ugly politics -- that's it! (It happens every day).


According to Marilyn's autopsy, advanced rigor mortis had set in at the time of the autopsy. Advanced rigor usually sets in around 12 hours postmortem. Do the math: autopsy starts at 8 a.m. Sunday August 5 (minus) 12 hours, that puts time of death sometime around 8 p.m. August 4th. This was not long after neighbors saw RFK leave Monroe's house.


Are you serious? i didn't even know she was dead. But this was a really good article. i think it was very well written!


Thank you so much for this article. I found it incredibly interesting, detailed and well written. I appreciated the information on all sides. I found the posts interesting, too.

I only feel sad and wonder why it is that some of the wonderful actors and entertainers have to pass on at what seems to be so untimely a moment. I think of Elvis and of course I'm missing Michael Jackson and I very much enjoyed seeing his love, energy and kindness on "This Is It".

So for whatever the reasons these wonderful entertainers and others had to leave their lives here prematurely, may tributes be given to them as they are a true legacy of inspiration for us all. May their lives continue to triumph because of the love, joy, inspiration and entertainment they gifted us all. We are enriched and better for it. May they know peace and be resurrected in the hereafter and may they be walking in beauty and harmony at peace and happy.

That is my prayer. Thanks, Norma and to you all. You are still loved and remembered. Sincerely ~ Carol


Well me personally i loved miss monroe and am sad to hear of her passing!


anon59097 is right. i like this article. i think that it was a murder but we'll never know. i mean really, she was beautiful and all, but she had childhood memories that she just could not deal with, she should have gone to god and asked for help of some sort but i love her anyway.


Everybody always says how marilyn was so beautiful and they don't understand why she would do drugs.

well, people don't always see everything. Behind every beautiful thing there lies some kind of pain and it is unbearable to some people. I love marilyn.


Marilyn Monroe is my idol. I have three real pictures of her on my wall. I've watched her movies. I love her singing voice. I miss Marilyn. I think her death was not suicide, and believe foul-play was involved. Remembering Marilyn Monroe for always. Hollywood's queen of cinema.


norma jean was an amazing person.

I love her so much that i have read every book

about her. i know almost everything there is to know about her and i own over 35,000 pictures of her.


Marilyn Monroe was definitely murdered by the Kennedys. She had just had her third abortion in Mexico (it was either Ted's or JFK's), and they had forced her to do it.

She had willingly aborted the first two, but this baby she wanted to keep. She had indeed become a liability to the Kennedys because of all the sensitive political info that she knew.

JFK was actually getting ready to file for divorce from Jackie, and Ted and the other Kennedys weren't going to let that happen.

Not naming any names, but I am a distant relation to a neighbor of Marilyn's, and know this information is undeniably true. She was murdered with over 200 Nembutal, and over 50 CH.

These were diluted with water and put into an enema bag. She was held down face down forcibly, (check the bruising on her hip and back on the original coroner's report) and given the fatal enema overdose.


we all know she was a pill popper! no one likes her and she is the worst actress i've ever heard about.


I think that Marilyn was pregnant with one of the

Kennedys' children and they could not afford to allow an abortion in the event of a blotch, or a leak by whomever performed it, so they had her killed to keep her silenced, and from her giving birth to a Kennedy child, under the scandalous circumstances.

I am sure it was either JFK's or Bobby's doing or both.


No one will ever know for sure what caused her death. It is a sad story, whether she killed herself due to depression, or accidentally overdosed due to lack of sleep and anxiety or whether she was murdered.

I know what it's like to feel worthless and carry around with you a lot of baggage from childhood; it affects my adult life. I'm blonde, have an unusual face and do modeling, and people stop and look at me on the street every day. I'm being told I'm beautiful, but inside I feel like a stranger to myself, and find it hard to see myself through their eyes.

The makeup and the hair is like a cover up for the way i feel inside. When I look nice on the outside people can't tell what I feel on the inside and it helps me through the days. I have really bad depression and also can't sleep at night.

I feel lost and keep looking for happiness. People think money brings you happiness. No, it's family, love, friends, a place to call home and children. I feel lonely a lot of the time, and maybe she did too. Which is why she was also known for being a little bit promiscuous.

I feel like people like me for my looks only and never take the time to get to know the real me before they ask me out or invite me to an event. Sometimes I feel lonely in a crowded room. I really feel so much for this woman. I really hope that somehow she found her peace at last.


No one can ever get their head around the fact that someone so beautiful and seemingly happy could be sad on the inside. Many people are blind. It happens all the time in society today.


i am doing a biography on her. i love her so much. i think the government killed her!


Marilyn Monroe was so gorgeous! PS: the comment under me is me too.


Who doesn't know marilyn monroe is dead, seriously? well i love her and im doing a report on her and that's why i'm on this website.


I'm a tall blonde model and have seen the way the industry works. Lots of people say that I'm beautiful, but it's impossible to be perfect and you're never "good enough." Kind of like life! Poor woman. I feel sorry for her. She spent her whole life searching for happiness and never found it.

A little God in her life wouldn't have hurt. In fact, God (more specifically Jesus) is the answer to true happiness. I have experienced it myself and discovered that a true relationship with Jesus is the only thing that truly makes me happy and gets me through life.


Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful woman and had a great life! Why would she be on drugs?


marilyn monroe is my all time idol. my whole room is covered in pictures of her and my dressing room was designed to match hers! thank you for this article!


i don't worry about people when they are alive but i do keep watching their videos and photos once they die.


really famous woman. really sad that she died


"It's an unfortunate commentary on today's society that a promiscuous, scandalized drug addict could be cited as a role-model.

She was a good-looking girl who found fame because Hollywood studios manufactured her, nothing more.

There are far, far better female role-models to look to than Norma Jeane Mortenson/Baker."

There's nothing wrong with Marilyn Monroe being a role model. She was a strong, independent women. The little crap doesn't matter. The drug abuse and sex deviant she was matters little for most people. She was who she was and that's inspiring enough.


She's been my idol for years, but I don't understand why a pretty lady and a great actress would end her life like how people say she did (Where's the facts?) Jade.


What if it was a cover up by the people who promoted her and was scared that she will just fade away if she had lived? There is more money in her being dead than alive?


i didn't even know she was dead until today!


she died because she killed herself. the report says that they found her in her room with the phone on her hand and the phone was disconnected, so she strangled herself with the phone cable -- and it wasn't because addiction to drugs. it was because of a suicide.


she is my idol. i got her piercing and i'm being her for halloween. don't hate on her because she was known for having sex. because a lot of people are. -Vanessa Jackson.


Great article! I have always looked up to Marilyn. No one will ever know the real truth! Well written!


Have you ever heard about JFK and Marilyn? Well I don't think she committed suicide. I think JFK had an affair with Marilyn because Jackie found a pair of underwear that was not hers and the underwear had either Marilyn's name or initals on them. Jackie ended up throwing them in JFK's face and to not have the affair become public JFK had his brother and his brother-in-law kill her.


> i think she is a great role model

It's an unfortunate commentary on today's society that a promiscuous, scandalized drug addict could be cited as a role-model.

She was a good-looking girl who found fame because Hollywood studios manufactured her, nothing more.

There are far, far better female role-models to look to than Norma Jeane Mortenson / Baker.


i really love marilyn monroe and i think she is a great role model and she has been someone i look up to for a couple of years. she is absolutely gorgeous and i would have been delighted to have a chance to meet her.


I just got Marilyn Monroe tattooed on my forearm(:

She's seriously been my idol for as long as I can remember and it makes me so sad reading this article. However it was really well written and credible. whoever wrote this did a really good job and I appreciate it a lot :)


Really awesome article. Marilyn Monroe has been my icon for years. Enjoyed reading this article


great article really enjoyed reading it!


I thought she died on the 5th?


I think maryilyn monroe died because of an od.


I have basically been wondering how she died since I was 2 and my mother dressed up as her and sang for an old man's birthday party. She looks quite a lot like her. Thank-you for this wonderful article.



i agree, well written with all sides of the story.


i really liked that article it was very interesting. Great job!

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    • Marilyn Monroe.
      By: 1950sUnlimited
      Marilyn Monroe.
    • Marily Monroe had three marriages that ended in divorce, including one with Joe DiMaggio.
      By: Ky
      Marily Monroe had three marriages that ended in divorce, including one with Joe DiMaggio.
    • Marilyn became dependent on alcohol.
      By: Gresei
      Marilyn became dependent on alcohol.
    • Marilyn Monroe died from a drug overdose.
      By: ivanko80
      Marilyn Monroe died from a drug overdose.
    • Marilyn was rumored to have had an affair with Robert Kennedy.
      By: Center for Jewish History, NYC
      Marilyn was rumored to have had an affair with Robert Kennedy.
    • Marilyn Monroe was rumored to have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy.
      By: ビッグアップジャパン
      Marilyn Monroe was rumored to have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy.