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Who Is Cathy Marie Hake?

L. Baran
L. Baran

Cathy Marie Hake is a Christian author from Southern California. She is known for her romantic fiction and her portrayal of couples battling adversity with the strength of their love. Her work is typically positive and uplifting, with the intention of illustrating how faith can guide and solidify relationships. Hake has published over 40 books.

The author has claimed that she hears a number of different voices when writing her novels and that she has experienced imaginary companions since early childhood. She uses these voices in her writing process and suggests that she often writes down what they are saying. Cathy Marie Hake is known for her off beat sense of humor and appreciation of life's absurdities. She believes that God himself has a good sense of humor and that laughter is the key to positive relationships.

Cathy Marie Hake is known for her romance fiction.
Cathy Marie Hake is known for her romance fiction.

Although Hake often deals with the serious issues of marital problems and the importance of faith, she does not take herself too seriously. She has admitted that her first love was Bullwinkle Moose, and that she was very disappointed when she realized such a relationship could never exist. This, she jokes, is the source of one of the very prevalent themes in her novels; unrequited love.

Hake works with three publishing houses: Barbour Books, Heartsong Presents, and Bethany House. As of 2010, her latest novel, Serendipity, was published by Bethany House. The book explores the complex relationships of a Texan man and a conservative woman who marry hastily after a passionate romance. As the initial passion fades and life's struggles creep in, the couple must decide whether their marriage is worth fighting for.

The 2010 release of Serendipity was delayed multiple times due to Hake being injured in a number of falls. She suffered broken bones and a concussion that interfered with her writing and book release. Upon release, the novel received praise for its humor and accurate portrayal of Southern characters.

Many of Cathy Marie Hake's novels feature characters or themes that appear in multiple publications. Some are presented in series, often connected by location. The Kentucky Chances series, for example, includes the novels Last Chance, Chance of a Lifetime and Chance Adventure. Her work is also featured in numerous collections of romantic and Christian fiction.

A successful author in her genre, Cathy Marie Hake is also a licensed nurse who has worked in oncology and perinatal care. She also teaches Lamaze classes to expectant parents. Hake is married and has two children. Her interests include reading, antiques, cooking, and praying.

Discussion Comments


I think that Cathy Marie Hake is the most sincere and brilliant Christian writer that I have ever read. I have been reading Christian fiction for over 40 years. I am 72 years old.

Her warmth of my Lord and savior is expressed in her books, but I especially think that her book, "Forevermore", is brilliant. Cathy is able to express the love of Christ not in just one section but on every page. Cathy is very direct with her faith in Christ our Lord and Savior but humorous way.

I see it as a great witnessing tool and a positive way to look at life's adversities. She is able to present Christ in a everyday situation that makes you look at your walk with the Lord. She expresses love in the book in a biblical loving way whether it is for a man to his child or brother to an abused sister.

May God continue to bless Cathie Marie Hake. May the Lord continue to," Preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this day forth and forevermore." Great Christian tool to use for witnessing. Deals with death, abusive marriage, sickness, blindness, disappointment, sorrow, repentance, redemption and ralvation. Great Writer-Great Tool for witnessing


I recently came across a Cathy Marie Hake book list that placed many of her novels amongst the best christian literature of all time.

I had never heard of her before I saw that list but I am definitely intrigued. I have been getting into Christian literature more and more recently but I have struggled to find one writer who I really really like. Maybe Cathy Marie Hake is the one.


Wow she sounds like a busy lady. I don't know how anyone can find the time to be a wife, a mother, a writer of over 40 books, a nurse and also a hobbyist. Some people seem to live in a world where the days are 40 hours long.


I started reading Cathy Marie Hake novels after my first divorce and I found a lot of comfort in them. Even though her characters rarely go through divorce, as a matter of fact they rarely break up at all, there was a strength and a warmth in the books that helped me a lot.

I probably read 20 of them during that period in my life. Ironically, I am now happily remarried and I haven't read one of her books in years. I guess you don't need to read about happy couples when you are a part of one.

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    • Cathy Marie Hake is known for her romance fiction.
      By: donfiore
      Cathy Marie Hake is known for her romance fiction.