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Who is Dave Ryan?

Dave Ryan is a seasoned radio personality whose voice has resonated through the airwaves for over two decades. Known for his wit and relatable storytelling, Dave has become a staple in morning routines. As host of the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, he connects with listeners through humor and heart. Discover how Dave's unique charm has shaped radio entertainment. What's your favorite Dave Ryan moment?
Matthew F.
Matthew F.

Dave Ryan is an ESPN television announcer and reporter known for his bowling coverage. He is famous as a Professional Bowling Association (PBA) commentator and analyst, and has also done college football and college basketball reporting and in-booth analysis. Famous for his catchy phrases and colorful commentary, Dave Ryan has received criticism from some bowling fans for not being knowledgeable enough about the game and for talking too much. He is a frequent television partner with bowling personality Randy Peterson.

Renowned for his energy and colorful commentary during telecasts, Dave Ryan earned a bowling following with a list of animated phrases, including: “Sixty feet to success!” and “He’s got all ten down!” He is among a limited list of prominent bowling personalities, and although he was replaced on PBA broadcasts in 2007 by Rob Stone, Dave Ryan continues to do telecasts of women’s and college bowling events.

Dave Ryan broadcast soccer in various capacities for Syracuse University's radio station.
Dave Ryan broadcast soccer in various capacities for Syracuse University's radio station.

Also known for his coverage and field work of minor-marquee events, Dave Ryan has been a sideline reporter at the College World Series and Little League World Series, as well as an announcer for the semifinals of both events. He has worked lacrosse and the women’s NCAA tournament as well, and has been on telecasts across ESPNs range of networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, and ESPN International.

Having worked for ESPN and ESPN2 since 1996, Dave Ryan has called play-by-play for hockey and tennis telecasts, including the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Australian Open, and college hockey’s Frozen Four. Ryan has also covered college basketball, has served as a sideline reporter for Big 10 college football, and has covered MLB, Arena Football, and softball in a limited capacity. He has hosted college basketball and College World Series shows and segments in studio as well.

Before working for ESPN, Dave Ryan worked sports for WNSS-AM in Syracuse, New York, where he earned a New York State Broadcasters Association Award in 1992. He covered local sports in West Virginia before that for WBOY-TV in Clarksburg, and was also a lead broadcaster at Syracuse University’s student station, where he earned his communications degree. Ryan has continued his relationship with Syracuse through the 2000s, teaching a sports reporting class as an adjunct professor.

In college, Dave Ryan broadcast football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball in various capacities for the school’s radio station, WAER. He also earned his first New York State Broadcasters Association Award in 1989 for his coverage of the Big East basketball tournament.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dave Ryan?

Dave Ryan is a name that could refer to any number of individuals, as it is a relatively common name. Without specific context, it's difficult to provide detailed information. In general, a person named Dave Ryan could be a professional in any field, such as broadcasting, politics, sports, or academia. To provide accurate information, more context about which Dave Ryan is being referred to would be necessary.

What is Dave Ryan known for?

Without additional context, it's challenging to pinpoint what a particular Dave Ryan is known for. Individuals with this name could have made their mark in various industries or activities. For instance, some Dave Ryans are known in the radio industry, while others may be recognized in sports or community service. Clarifying which Dave Ryan you are inquiring about would allow for a more precise answer.

Has Dave Ryan received any notable awards or recognition?

The achievements and recognitions of a person named Dave Ryan would depend on his professional and personal accomplishments. If we're discussing a Dave Ryan who is a public figure, he may have received industry-specific awards, community honors, or other forms of recognition. To provide accurate details, information about the specific field or contributions of the Dave Ryan in question would be required.

What is Dave Ryan's background?

The background of a person named Dave Ryan can vary widely. Generally, a background might include educational history, professional experience, and personal interests. For example, a Dave Ryan who is a broadcaster might have a degree in communications and years of experience in radio or television. To offer a detailed background, more information about the specific individual is necessary.

How can I learn more about Dave Ryan?

To learn more about a specific Dave Ryan, you could start by conducting an online search with additional keywords related to his profession or achievements. Social media profiles, professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and articles or press releases can also be valuable resources. If Dave Ryan is involved in public work or has a public presence, you might find interviews, podcasts, or news articles that provide further insight into his life and career.

Please note that these FAQs are based on a hypothetical understanding of a person named Dave Ryan. For accurate information about a specific individual, additional context would be necessary.

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Ryan is an idiot. By the comments he regularly makes during the broadcasts, he must be going after the 5th grader demographic group.

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    • Dave Ryan broadcast soccer in various capacities for Syracuse University's radio station.
      By: massimhokuto
      Dave Ryan broadcast soccer in various capacities for Syracuse University's radio station.